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CBD Topicals

People often think of CBD or cannabidiol solely as a derivative of marijuana. This is why they are surprised to see the many types of products the innovations in the CBD industry have led to. CBD roll-ons, creams, and other topicals are a segment of CBD products rapidly gaining popularity due to the targeted effect they offer. Contrary to oral, sublingual CBD products, topicals possess the versatility of being used directly on the point of your body that needs help.

While topicals themselves are a big breakthrough for the CBD industry, like all other CBD products, the quality and efficacy of the product vary from brand to brand. CBD topicals are usually concocted with several other herbs, all of which have potential health benefits and qualities which synergize with CBD and its benefits. Whichever brand offers the most authentic CBD and the best combination of nature's miraculous natural ingredients wins the race.

At Honey Gold Botanicals, we value most of your faith in the products and services we offer. Our journey to the forefront of the ever-growing CBD industry has helped us acquire the experience and has taught us everything we need to know to cater to your every need. From transparency to a no-compromise policy on quality, we have covered all our bases to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Why choose topical CBD?

  • Direct Impact

When it comes to skin diseases and chronic musculoskeletal issues, the oral consumption methods of CBD often lose out even though they have a higher absorption rate or bioavailability than topicals. This is because cannabinoids are lipophilic molecules which means they are soluble in water and mostly float. Since the human body is made mostly of water, the absorption rate of cannabinoids is generally low. While choosing a method of consumption that statistically has better bioavailability, topicals are a much better choice on surface value. This is because topicals allow you to concentrate the effects of CBD into the target area.  Transdermal and topical methods of distributing cannabinoids allow you to easily disperse CBD into the bodily tissues and organs where you may be experiencing symptoms.

Topical CBD, in most instances, does not affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors; rather, it blocks pain signals and induces other effects by working through agents called anandamide and 2-AG.

  • Efficacy

Even without the advantage of bioavailability, topicals can be much more effective as they attach to the skin’s cannabinoid receptors. As the largest organ of the body, these receptors are widespread. Wherever you apply a topical, the cannabinoids will attach directly to the part of the body and disperse in the body tissues and organs where it works to help with the symptoms you face. This is why topical CBD has shown great potential against joint pains and aches in other parts of your body as well. On the other hand, the data present is inconclusive when it comes to muscular pains caused by diseases that affect your nervous system, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. While there has been research that suggests that CBD and THC can counter spasticity in ALS, that research was conducted on oral CBD. Apart from customer experiences, there hasn't been any conclusive research on topical CBD's effects on ALS.

  • Versatility

While it may seem like topical CBD is only helpful with a few things, it has proven to be effective against various ailments and problems people face, as described in several consumer experience reports. Some of the health issues topical CBD has the potential to help you with include pains caused by arthritis, joint pains, skin diseases such as acne, jaw pains, etc.

According to customer experiences, CBD has been significantly helpful for people suffering from chronic pains caused by arthritis. Research in 2016 on rats suggests that some CBD products have long-lasting therapeutic potential against inflammation and other behaviors associated with arthritis. On the contrary, however, much like ALS, there haven't been any conclusive clinical trials on topical CBD’s effects against skin cancer or the symptoms of skin cancer. However, customer experiences suggest that topical CBD does have the potential to curb certain symptoms of skin cancer and encourage abnormal cell death, which slows the growth and spread of cancer. Alongside helping with serious illnesses, CBD lubricants have also shown potential in helping with vaginal dryness by decreasing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and increasing blood flow.

Apart from the versatility of topical CBD in its effects, it is also versatile in terms of who can use it. Special CBD products designed for pets also include a variety of topicals for pets such as dogs.

Honey Gold Botanicals’ Unique Selection of Topicals

Each of Honey Gold’s topicals has a unique array of benefits and qualities. See for yourself why Honey Gold Botanicals’ selection of topicals is rapidly growing in popularity.