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  • NO Harsh Chemicals, NO Pesticides, NO Metals
  • Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly
  • 100% Organically Grown Non-GMO US Hemp
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About Us

Honey Gold Botanicals is the fruit that bore from the long and effortful journey of health its founders chose to undertake. Matt and Chloe are a couple that hails from a small town right outside of Rochester, MN. Today, they are certified hemp processors who are selling some of the best cannabidiol or CBD products and smokeable flowers under the prestigious brand of Honey Gold Botanicals. Let’s take a journey of our own down memory lane to find out how Matt and Chloe got to this point.



Matt and Chloe first came across CBD in 2012. Once they tried CBD themselves, they knew from the get-go that they had just encountered something special. Their curiosity led them to carry out intensive research on CBD, its benefits, properties, types, and even other cannabinoids derived from cannabis. Their research findings ignited their belief in CBD as the holy grail for medicine in the 21st century. This belief became the foundation for one of the most promising CBD brands around today, Honey Gold Botanicals.

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No Compromise on Our Values

Matt and Chloe are some of the most empathetic individuals devoted to the advocacy of CBD throughout the country. Their aspirations have set in stone certain values that everyone at Honey Gold Botanicals lives up to.

  • Transparency
  • Passion
  • The Sky is The Limit
  • At Honey Gold Botanicals, we don't believe in keeping things from our customers. To build a relationship of trust, we offer complete transparency, so you know exactly what you are consuming and who you are buying it from.
  • Our team is just as passionate about the cause as our founders are. We are happy to help every one of our customers, to put a smile on their faces and make their lives healthier.
  • Honey Gold Botanicals comprises some of the most experienced professionals in the CBD industry. With a can-do attitude, we have a constant drive to improve, which is supported by our founders. There is no limit to how healthy one can be, and there is certainly no limit to how accessible we can make health for you.
  • Commitment

    Commitment and Execution

    A belief alone does not create something as unique as Honey Gold Botanicals, and Matt and Chloe realize this. Once they had decided to become advocates for CBD, they covered all their bases before giving the public Honey Gold Botanicals. Matt and Chloe have traveled all over the country to gain a deeper understanding of CBD. After visiting some of the largest indoor and outdoor hemp growing setups and labs and meeting renowned experts on CBD, they were ready to put that knowledge and experience into something practical. Their journey marked its first of many milestones in 2019 when Honey Gold Botanicals LLC came into being.

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    A Promise of Consistency

    The years of hard work and research which our founders have put into Honey Gold Botanicals come with a promise of consistent quality products and service. Our team at Honey Gold Botanicals is dedicated to promoting the vast amount of health benefits that CBD presents. Not only do we understand what makes a good CBD product, but we have also done our analysis of the market to know what our customers want. All of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with rigorous checks and balances to ensure their quality. We understand the need for our customers to be sure of the authenticity that our products offer. This is why our products are lab-tested by third parties for any contaminants, including heavy metals, E.Coli, or other impurities. All of these tests our public and our customers have access to their certificate of analysis. What truly stands out about Honey Gold Botanicals is our commitment to helping our customers every step of the way, whether it be through providing sufficient knowledge to them regarding our products or simply by offering some of the authentic CBD products in the market today.