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At Honey Gold Botanicals, our mission is to bring holistic alternatives to better consumers and their healthy lifestyles. With a wide variety of CBD products for human and pet consumption, we believe in the highest quality CBD should be accessible to each one of your customers, for any kind of occasion.

Our world-renowned CBD is:

1. Grown and sourced in the USA
2. Organic & Non-GMO
3. Third Party lab tested & GMP certified
4. Blended with the highest quality ingredients: We choose plant-based/organic ingredients whenever possible with no artificial flavors or colors, zero heavy metals, molds or pesticides. All of our COA’s are available on our website for full transparency and so all your customers feel safe taking Honey Gold Botanicals CBD products.

Please enter your information below to be contacted by one of Honey Gold Botanicals Sales Representatives. If you are having difficulties, please email sales@honeygoldbotanicals.com or call (507) 721-9081.

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Please contact your account representative or contact us via email or phone through sales@honeygoldbotanicals.com OR (507) 721-9081.